With Tron Legacy's breathtaking trailer, our hopes have been raised to fever pitch. Will it disappoint us? We sure hope not, but at least it won't feature Harvey the dog loading "cybercycles" into Cyberspace, like Lawnmower Man 2.

Commonly acclaimed as one of the worst movies of all time, Lawnmower Man: Beyond Cyberspace features Max Headroom himself, Matt Frewer, taking over the role of Jobe from Jeff Fahey. And Frewer is bald, sporting a gold lamé suit of armor including a massive, massive chunky gold codpiece, as you can glimpse in the clip above. Later in the movie, as Frewer gains the power to control cyberspace completely and turn all programs into himself, the codpiece gets zapped with cyber-energy and it's really a terrifying sight.


Here's more cyber-cycle action, plus a crazy ranting Frewer and his giant gold codpiece:


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