Over the years, they'd disagree over politics and romance and money, but one thing was for certain: whenever they were walking together and spotted one of those two-story robots waiting in its charging station, they would both look up and smile.

Robert Kim painted this digital piece, the second in a series of two father-son illustrations featuring giant robots. In the first, the two are playing catch, but with robotic surrogates. You can check it out on deviantART.


Talking to us over email, Kim told us that the first piece, "Father Son 1," came about because a client wanted an illustration of a father and a son bonding over some activity while conveying a sense of Japanese pop culture. Kim loves giant robots, so he came up with the idea of having the father and son play a classic game of catch — but with robots. He created the above image, "Father Son 2," as a companion piece, changing the angle, time of day, and color scheme. Head over to deviantART to see more of Kim's work.

This image is used with permission and was spotted on Xombie DIRGE.