No, Iron Man 3 did not just have a major rewrite

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There's a rumor going around that Iron Man 3 has hit a major creative snag. According to Roger Wardell, who frequently leaks Marvel Studios info on his Twitter account, the movie is undergoing a massive, last-minute rewrite:


Wardell tweeted this back in September, but for some reason, his tweet is making the rounds in the past day or so, on sites like Cosmic Book News and Shockya.

But sources close to Marvel tell io9 that this story is bunk — there were no outside writers brought in, and no major rewrites. There was some rewriting on set, as usually happens during this sort of production, but nothing beyond the usual sort of stuff that makes particular scenes or sequences work better. So no need to panic about Iron Man 3, people!

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Aswat Zephyr

In all honesty, the teaser and the trailer that came out 48hours later, tried to sell IM3 as kinda dark and realistic broken man tony stark after the event in new york (in reference to The Avengers which was a very saturday morning cartoon long version of Thundercats) which really is trying to sell itself as the cooler Dark Knight (Batman 2 not 3). But it not coming out like that on the set and TONY Downey Jr decided that it wasnt working, hes having the same vibe as in IM2, where he felt the same vibe and his hunches was right and tada IM2 failed. So now they have a meeting where the solution is ok, rewrite.. on set (whatever the hell that means but which really means not an actual rewrite but a natural exposition that the character (Tony) feels after feeling the proceedings of the plot. AKA = EVERY TOM CRUISE MOVIE EVER.