No fandom is safe from the relentless assault of Winnie the Pooh

We all know Winnie the Pooh as a beloved children's book character, a Disney icon and, of course, a honey fetishist. But the "willy nilly silly old bear" and his friends have made three recent incursions into nerd-dom that may indicate a more concerted effort by the denizens of Hundred Acre Wood to take over every single fandom we hold dear.


Admittedly not all of these Pooh-ism are naughty in nature. The "Deadpooh" tattoo seen here - drawn originally by Rodney Fyke then tattooed onto Becky Clousineau by Tom Beste of Eternal Tattoos - is pretty awesome. Wade Wilson would certainly approve of it, if only because the awkward questions Cousineau's eventual grandchildren will ask her about it.

And then there's this phenomenal if slightly confusing Winnie the Pooh/Doctor Who mash-up cake featuring what I have to assume is the Eleventh Tigger in a rickety TARDIS (Tiem and Rellativ Demenshuns in Spayc [I know it says "Polise Bocs" on it, but I'm enjoying myself here, shut up). Obviously, the best part is Dalek Piglet, who would improve Disney's Pooh cartoon a hundred-fold if he went around screaming "EXTERMINATE" all the time.


Of course, not all of Pooh's attempts to conquer nerdery are so benign. Our neighbors at Gizmodo report a 9-year-old Finnish girl had her Winnie the Pooh laptop confiscated by the police after trying to download a torrent of a Finnish pop song on The Pirate Bay. No doubt Pooh was trying to lead the poor girl into a criminal life of online piracy, so we should all be thankful the authorities stepped in to bravely take a 9-year-old's cartoon-themed computer away from her.


[Tattoo and cake via iGeektrooper]

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