No Eddie Valiant In Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2? A Pox On This Sequel

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The best part of Roger Rabbit wasn't Jessica's curves, it was the back and forth jaded quips, pitting Eddie Valiant against Roger's toony tude. So we're terrified to hear they're even contemplating a second Framing without Bob Hoskins.


We've been hearing from Roger Rabbit director Robert Zemeckis that Bob Hoskins was always down to play the toon detective Eddie Valiant in an upcoming Roger Rabbit sequel. But according to Hoskins himself, he's not so sure about it. In an interview with MTV Hoskins explains:

The thing is, you act with cartoons, you got to be able to bounce off the walls like a cartoon. So I'm too old. I'm too old now.

I think he could do a sequel. He wouldn't be able to do it with me. I'm too old!

Eeeeh, this doesn't totally cut him out of the picture, he leaves it open maybe for a cameo, but Eddie was a key component of the heart of this picture. It's very hard to imagine the picture without him. And also, my mind is already spinning out of control with possible replacements, like some just-out-of-detective-school girl who's running wild and needs to "learn the ropes" from the elderly toon figures. Yeah, that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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I could see Tom Hanks taking over as the live-action lead.

As for Toontown in this theoretical sequel, well, let's face it; nowadays, it wouldn't be Disney negotiating with WB over how much screentime Mickey would share with Bugs. It would be Pixar negotiating with Dreamworks over how much screentime Woody would share with Shrek.