No Dollhouse Comic For You... Just Yet

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In case the Buffy, Dr. Horrible and Serenity series haven't convinced you, we'll make it clear: comics are a natural home for Joss Whedon's ideas. But does that mean that there'll be a Dollhouse comic?


Dollhouse writer and consulting producer Jane Espenson raised the possibility of a tie-in comic while talking about her (wonderful) latest issue of the Buffy series to

I’m very busy with all of the other stuff, but if Joss decides that there are comic books to be done in the Dollhouse world, sign me up.

Intrigued, we asked Dark Horse Comics - the publisher of Buffy and Serenity, as well as the company behind Dark Horse Presents, the online anthology that's featured Dr. Horrible shorts as well as Whedon's original comic Sugarshock - whether Jane was hinting at something that we should be excited about. Buffy editor Scott Allie gave us the skinny:

I've been talking to Joss about Dollhouse comics since he first told me about the project. He said it didn't feel right for a comic yet, but that as the show established its identity we might do a book.

Feel free to insert your own "Establishing identities? Isn't that what the show's meant to be all about?" joke here; we're too excited at the idea of seeing some lovely Jo Chen paintings of the Dollhouse cast staring out at us from the shelves before too long.

Dollhouse (the television series) premieres February 13th on Fox.



papercup mixmaster

I wouldn't want the production of a comic to put any kind of strain production of the show. All I'ma say here is that the world can only be improved by adding to the net total of drawings of Eliza Dushku.