No Dinosaurs Were Harmed in the Making of This T-rex Foot Garbage Can

A subtle addition to any foyer.
A subtle addition to any foyer.
Photo: Regal Robot

The illegal wildlife trade is a big problem around the world, leading some species to go extinct at the hands of humanity. But you don’t have to worry about the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service busting down your door to confiscate this T-rex foot garbage can. Dinosaurs are already extinct, and besides, this trophy is made from artificial materials like fiberglass and foam.

You might remember Regal Robot (the company that spun off Tom Spina Designs to create and sell high-end collectibles to fans) for its spectacular Star Wars Dewback sofa that was revealed last year. Shifting its focus to dinosaurs now that a second Jurassic World movie premieres next week, the company’s T-rex garbage can be customized with a unique paint job if you instead want it to look like a dragon, or alternate inserts if you’d rather have a prehistoric spittoon in your office.

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Photo: Regal Robot

Like Regal Robot’s $10,000 Dewback sofa, your T-rex trophy comes with a premium price tag. There’s a good chance you’ve never paid $649 for a trash can before, but you’ve probably also never had the chance to upgrade your office with a memento of a lost species. Until we actually bring dinosaurs back from extinction, this is as close as you’re going to get.

[Regal Robot]

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Umbrella stand. Not garbage can.