In the west, we generally buy Star Wars things. In Japan, they use Star Wars to sell things. The Galactic Empire has shilled plenty of Japanese products over the years, and their newest campaign is this shockingly cool commercial series for the Nissan Juke mini-SUV.


As you can see from the video above, the Juke is so goddamned awesome that it's inspired a Stormtrooper to decorate his own armor to match it. The commercial's tagline is "It's okay to stand out!" and indeed, it must be a pretty great car if it can make a 'trooper break the Empire's strict dress code. Meanwhile, Nissan's Juke website has a feature where you can customize the look of the car — the colors, the trim,the wheels, etc. — to your heart's content, with a Stormtrooper right beside it, receiving all the same designs.

But that's not all — Nissan is making a whole little web series about the Stormtroopers' complicated relationship with the Juke, as a small battalion encounters the car for the first time:

Wise decision, elevator guy. This is part one of three; the later bits should eventually turn up on Nissan's Japanese website.


[Via Rocket News 24]

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