Another day, another distressing story of ninja crime. A new report of stealthy artifice comes out of Greensboro, North Carolina, when a would-be Shinobi attempted to purloin some iPads from an Apple Store last Friday.

Notes My Fox 8:

Greensboro police received a call around 4:43 a.m. after a dark gray or blue Honda crashed into the store. According to police, the man crashed into the store in a burglary attempt. The suspect was dressed in what a witness told 107.5 KZL resembled a ninja suit, drove through the store's plate glass windows early Friday and then ran away without taking anything.


We've seen an alarming upswing in ninja-related villainy as of late — this further corroborates our fears. As for the perpetrator abandoning the car and electronic goods, it's worth noting that even the most powerful ninjas sometimes just walk it off.