Nine Directors Bring Their Unique Styles To Animated Take On The Prophet

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A passion project for producer Salma Hayek, who also heads up the voice cast along with Liam Neeson, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet taps eight animators (including Bill Plympton and Nina Paley) to bring Gibran’s poetry to life. The frame story is helmed by The Lion King co-director Roger Allers.

[Via Cartoon Brew]


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Liams Neeson’s voice just takes you places!

According to wikipedia the 1923 book is already in public domain in many countries (2018 for others)

Spent many years in Indonesia. Many writers, who fell out of favor, or were critical of the government(s) faced similar fates- that come through so strongly in latter work.

Since we are talking directors and animation styles:

This one is worth watching too. Interesting use of JAZZ music. (full movie 81 minutes)