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The sequel to Star Trek may still be at the writing stage, but there's one character we now know for sure won't be appearing in it: Leonard Nimoy has announced that he's hanging up his pointy ears for good again.


During an appearance with William Shatner at this weekend's Dragon*Con, Nimoy to the crowd,

There are no plans for me to return for the second movie. I think the Spock character is very well established as portrayed by Zachary Quinto. And I think if you saw the movie Bill, you'd say the same of Chris Pine.


Shatner, channeling his Boston Legal character Denny Crane, responded with a quick "Bullshit," although he apparently spent a large part of their shared panel mock-pouting about not being in the JJ Abrams remake. Some of the panel has already ended up online:

No Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Sequel [Reelz Channel]

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