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Not content with Black Canary, Arsenal, the Huntress, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, China White, Doctor Ivo, or upcoming characters like The Flash and Amanda Waller, Arrow has just added Batman's protégé Nightwing to its ever-increasing cast, to be played by Steve McQueen of The Vampire Diaries fame.


Apparently McQueen is pretty excited about the role, as he tweeted this pic of himself getting ready for the show:


Here's the million dollar question: If the rumors about Man of Steel 2 adding in members of the extended Bat-family are true, could Nightwing be the character that ties the DC movie-verse and the DC TV-verse together? Could McQueen be playing Nightwing in both? Or will DC/WB keep a firm line between church (TV) and state (movies), either by keeping them separate or hiring another Nightwing for the movie? Hmm...

[Via Scifi Now]

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