Nickelodeon's Double Dare Is Getting a Reboot and Reminds Us It Was a Slime Dunk From the Start

Getting slimed was a feature, not a bug, to be honest.
Image: Nickelodeon

Get ready to pick so many giant noses. Nickelodeon has announced it’s rebooting the classic game show Double Dare, set to return this summer.


According to Deadline, the network has ordered 40 episodes of a new Double Dare game show, which will reprise the gameplay and challenges from the original series (hopefully with the same amount of flashy decor). It joins other ‘90s reboots like Blue’s Clues and Clarissa Explains It All, though the latter is still unconfirmed at this point. You can watch the announcement trailer below, mostly so you can “member berries” some of the show’s classic stunts.

Starring the insurmountable Marc Summers, Double Dare was Nick’s longest-running game show, pitting families against each other in a series of trivia challenges and gross-out games. I was a fan of the show, and it was a regular part of my afternoons. I may have tried to convince my family to participate. It didn’t take. It’s probably for the best, as that slime looked nasty as hell. Apparently, it was a mixture of vanilla pudding, oatmeal, and apple sauce. Gross.

No word yet on who Nick might get to host but we’ll keep you updated. Did you have a favorite challenge on the show?


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Chick Counterfly

I hope that Marc Summers is involved to some degree. My mother and sister met him several years ago, and he is genuinely a nice person. He talked with them for a good while and ended up sending a signed glossy photograph to me because my mom mentioned how much I loved the show when I was young.

Here’s an article if you’re interested in getting to know him better, with his incredibly struggles to overcome serious medical conditions:

Double Dare’s Marc Summers — Who Battles OCD & Escaped Death Twice — Reflects on His Career