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Sounds like the Runaways comic might actually get immortalized on the big screen, since Marvel is finally looking at a director. The spawn-of-supervillains epic has the makings of a high-energy super-powered teen action flick, with an angsty John Hughes twist.


According to Deadline Marvel wants Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist director, Peter Sollett, to adapt the tortured but amazing Runaways graphic novels. Which sounds like a good fit, since Sollett has experience telling the stories of teenagers in a realistic fashion.

Brian K. Vaughn's Runaways series follows the children of a super-powered crime ring that has total control over L.A. Ashamed of their parents' evil ways, the kids run away from home before eventually confronting their parents. But even this confrontation doesn't free the teens from living in the shadows of their parents' mistakes.


Let's hope the excitement surrounding the Scott Pilgrim film lights a fire under this production. We're also curious as to how they will bring to life Old Lace, the dinosaur who has a telepathic and empathic bond with Gert, who's one of our favorite purple-haired characters of all time.

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