Nick Fury, Agent Of ARG

Marvel Comics' new series Secret Warriors may be more than just a comic book, if a "leaked" website launched yesterday is anything to go by. Is this the start of the latest Mighty Marvel ARG?

A fake Post-It note attached to the solicitation image for the new Marvel comic's second issue, released yesterday, directed fans to the URL "," where they were given a chance to enter the only other text on the note, "eagleeye" as a password, taking them to... well, this, amongst other things:


For the more confused amongst you, that's an organizational chart of Marvel's former spy agency, SHIELD, and how it intersects with Marvel's premiere terrorist organization, Hydra. It's just one of the goodies available on the site to support next year's launch of Secret Warriors, designed by series co-writer Jonathan Hickman. (Also available is an online recap of the lead characters' previous appearances.)

The site also includes a suitably cryptic message from the entirely fictional lead character, Nick Fury:

Listen up Agent, the reason you're here is because you want to know. You want to know what's going on. You want to know how to help. Hints have been dropped all over in places you'd least expect and it's up to you to find them.

Along similar lines, a Marvel spokesman told Comic Book Resources:

Keep your eyes peeled. Nick Fury likes to hide passwords all over the place. A new nation requires a new message.


This isn't the first time that Marvel have tried to harness the internet to promote their books - the MySpace blog of a teenager caught up in the lead-up to Secret Invasion from earlier this year comes to mind - but with the suggestion of multiple clues across multiple sites, it may end up being the most elaborate.


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