Nick Cave + The Road = Most Depressingly Beautiful Movie Score Ever

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The man with saddest songs in the world is penning the score for the world's most depressing post-apocalypse flick: The Road. I can't imagine a musical mind more equipped to deal with the vast emptiness and hollow feeling that one gets from reading Cormac McCarthy's novel on which the movie is based. In an interview with the LA Times, Cave gave an update on the production of The Road.When asked about his editing process while writing music Cave said:

It's how I write: A song that's maybe five to six verses long, I write 20 verses and then I chop, chop, chop, chop. That's always been the case. I can't let something go until it's exhausted, so I have to edit. I'm always editing. I find editing hugely exciting. Taking something away from something can do extraordinary things, whether it's music or writing or in a film. In film, it's extraordinary what happens. We're working on "The Road," and a new edit gets sent every three days or so and your way of seeing can completely change from it, from just leaving a lingering look for three seconds longer or something like that. It's very much the same thing with lyrics and music in general.


So it sounds like the production and editing on The Road have been very fiddly. I can't wait to hear Cave's score when the flick hits in theaters on November 26. [LA Times]

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I was actually thinking about composing a list of some awesome sci-fi movie scores recently. There's quite a few nice ones too.




I kinda wanna throw in The Fountain there too, but I'm not sure that'd be sci-fi approved. I'm not sure I approve either to be honest. It's an awesome soundtrack though.

Then there's the Terminator movies, which also have good soundtrack. Well, the ones I haven't forced myself to forget has at least.

Then there's The Thing, Predator and a bunch of others I haven't really listened to yet, but that (from what I can remember) are also good.

Either way, I'm looking forward to The Road.