Nicholas Hope Will Lead Your Teenage Resistance Against The Aliens

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Past Farscaper Nicholas Hope has been dubbed leader in Andrew Dillon's alien invasion film and TV series, Resistance. Aliens try to overcome the Earth and it's up to a small band of super-smart teenage fighters to convince the rest of the world that aliens exist, while dealing with dating, tests, zits and the horror of high school.The movie will introduce the cast and conflict and lead viewers right into the TV series. Hope will be playing Stephen Hope, the headmaster of the private school and the eventual leader of the resistance. It sounds sort of like a science fictional version of Red Dawn. Hope told SF Crow's Nest:

“I was very pleased to be approached from a relatively early stage to be involved in Resistance. I’ve always had a bit of a yen for science fiction. There’s such a capacity for invention, intelligence, commentary and playfulness in the form. And Resistance has all that built in: it could go in so many different directions. On top of that, I always felt like the outsider at school. There’s a wonderful pay-back beauty in nerdy-heroes that’s very inviting. Resistance has that in its outline. So the project as a whole is quite enticing.”

Production on the teen drama/scifi adventure will begin later this year. [SF Crow's Nest]

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Aidan_ III: The Return

It sounds like Animorphs sans shapeshifting and Cinnabon binges. I'm not terribly interested.