Nicholas Cage's Time-Capsule Movie Should Have Stayed Buried

Illustration for article titled Nicholas Cages Time-Capsule Movie Should Have Stayed Buried

We were already kind of un-thrilled about Knowing, which stars Nicholas Cage as a professor (with Tourette's syndrome) who digs up a time capsule that can predict the future. But new details make it sound even less exciting. Rose Byrne (above) plays the daughter of the woman who buried the capsule in 1962, and she starts to remember strange events from her childhood after Cage contacts her. Not only does the box predict the Kennedy assassination and the death of Cage's wife, it also claims an apocalypse is happening within the week. The movie's plot sounds a lot like Isaac's clairvoyant paintings from Heroes, plus the fact that Alex (I Robot) Proyas is directing may be a bad sign. [Hollywood Reporter]


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@tk.: @PVIII: It ain't sci-fi, but you should really watch Damages if you hadn't been. Nuthin but Rose Byrne and Glen Close, who lets face it, is pretty sexy herself.