In Alex Proyas' upcoming film, Knowing Nicholas Cage sets out to sites of predicted disasters to stop the events from happening. We got a peek at two of the mayhem-filled scenes.

In the first scene, Cage's character John Koestler is sitting in a traffic jam in the pouring rain. Frustrated, he consults his GPS for an alternate route to his son's school. With a sigh, he calls his friend, Phil Bergman, and gets his voicemail. "I'm sorry I freaked out on you," he says. "I'm not ready to meet someone in a special way, but I'll take you up on your offer for dinner."


Suddenly, the coordinates on his GPS catch his eye. Frowning, he pulls out the sheet with all the numbers on it. He notices that one set of numbers exactly matches the coordinates on the GPS. "Some of the numbers are locations," he murmurs.

After eying the police barrier blocking off an accident ahead, he gets out his car, braving the rain. He approaches the barrier, asking what happened, were there any deaths? The officer assures him that there were only minor injuries. They are both suddenly distracted by a strange noise. The camera whips around a freaking plane bursts from the sky, crashing by the side of the rode, its wing bursting into flames as it grinds against the ground.

John runs frantically toward the plane, which has completely erupted in flames. Passengers have caught on fire and some run at him, their burning arms outstretched. He finds a blanket and pats down a man lying on the ground. Three passengers flee a chunk of the cabin, but something behind them explodes and they are completely consumed by a fireball. A woman runs up to him, screaming for help, but pulls away from him. Amid the screams, John spots a man who is still trapped inside a piece of the plane. He drags the man out as two emergency workers grab arrive, ask John if he's okay, then pull him off the passed out man.


In the second scene, John walks through a crowd of people on a sunny street, looking confused. He spots a policewoman and demands to know why this intersection hasn't been sealed off. As the woman tries to calm him, he spots a black van in the distance. After glancing at the van a few times, he decides to go down into a subway station instead.

When he gets down to the platform, John spots a man standing behind a column. The man glances about, as if he thinks he's being watched. When he realizes John can see the giant bulge beneath his sweatshirt, the guy bolts, sending John on a chase through the crowds. A subway cop sees them and signals for backup.

The guy with the bulge ducks into a subway car. As John races past the passengers, he pauses at the sight of a young woman with a baby. He yells at the woman, "Take the baby, get off the train." The subway cop catches up with them and points his gun at John. John points at the guy with the bulge, who is standing, wild-eyed at the back of the car. "It's not me. It's him."


Terrified, the guy with the bulge raises his arms in surrender...and a pack of DVDs fall from his sweatshirt. John realizes, to his horror, that this man does not cause the disaster predicted today.

We look outside the train and see that the subway has skidded off its tracks. As the cars begin to jostle, John tells everyone to get back. The train crashes into a subway stop, taking out the concrete columns. Broken glass, metal, and concrete rain everywhere, as John hugs the young woman and her baby protectively. Outside, we see the train mowing over scores of suit-wearing commuters in a horrifying, but oddly bloodless scene.