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The latest clip from Mark Millar's live action adapted movie is out, featuring Hit-Girl. It's like she's stepped straight out of the bloody comics — serving up hard, cold death. We're just terrified of little Mindy and her skeevy pops.

The actress climbing the walls, smashing mobsters through glass tables and throwing knives, is Chloe Moretz. We just adore her, plus she's the most intimidating Kick-Ass hero, thus far. The 12-year-old's character name is Mindy Macready, but her street name is Hit-Girl. When she's not fighting crime she's taking bullets from her dear old Dad, Nic Cage. So far, so good — and it doesn't hurt that the clips have all been almost direct translations of the comics foul-mouthed dialogue, as you can see above.


Kick-Ass will be in theaters April 16th.

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