Nic Cage Wants To "Reconceive" Ghost Rider, Which We Hope Means "Kill"

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Are they are really going forward with Ghost Rider 2? In what poker game in hell did Nic Cage lose his soul, and why is he now trying to justify bringing us more of the flaming skull-head?


In an interview with MTV, Cage cautiously talks about his new ideas for an international Ghost Rider and it sounds like he wants to dive into the mythos of GR's relationship with the church. So less Western, more Angels and Demons, but with Nic Cage and his CG skull of fire. But let him explain it to you...


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See, and you were worried it would be bad.

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Chris Braak

God damn it, this is why I hate actors. They think, "Oh, I am an actor, oh people will listen to me, oh let me explain my ideas!"

You are an ACTOR. You don't HAVE ideas. Your idea is to play the part, dummy. This is the point of the division of labor—actors do the acting, people who are good at ideas do the coming up with ideas.

...muttergrumblemuttergrumble everybody wants to just do their own stupid shit...