DC has started teasing a big story that will play out in the pages of Action Comics and Superman next yearā€”a four-part event promising ā€œdrastic changeā€ in the life of the Man of Steel (as if heā€™s not had enough to deal with recently!). Itā€™s also teasing... well, one of the most rubbish moments in Superman history.

Comics Beat has revealed new solicitation details for ā€œSuperman: Reborn,ā€ which will play out across Superman and Action Comics in March. The storyline will at long last reveal what the hell is going on with the mysterious connection between the current Supermanā€”a.k.a. the Superman of DCā€™s pre-New 52 universe that took over from the dead New 52 Supermanā€”and the unpowered Clark Kent whoā€™s started showing up in Metropolis, claiming to never have been Superman.


Thatā€™s all well and good, but the final cover revealed for the arc, by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray, teases a potential for not just two Supermen running around (again), but also...

Superman Red and Superman Blue. A nod to the infamously boring 1997 story arc that saw Superman lose his usual powers and gain energy based ones that split him into two different versions, as well as some awfully ā€˜90s costumes:


Itā€™s not the first time that DC has called back to the storylineā€”the ongoing Superwoman title gave us a Lana Lang who used the powers of the Superman Red subset, and continues to do so now that sheā€™s Superwoman. Could we see something similar happen to the unpowered Clark Kent? Only time will tell, but Iā€™m glad weā€™re going to see some answers to this ongoing mystery.