Next Week, Twitch Is Livestreaming All 831 Episodes of Power Rangers

Do you have 17 entire days worth of free time on your hands? Well boy howdy, do I have a binge-watching suggestion for you.


Livestreaming service Twitch has just announced that, to celebrate the impending release of the Power Rangers movie, it’ll be streaming all 23 complete seasons of the show, from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers to Power Rangers Dino Supercharge. That’s 831 episodes of giant robots and even giant-er pyrotechnics going off at an alarming rate. The stream will start at 11am PDT March 14 on the Twitch Presents channel, before coming to an end some time on March 30.

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God bless anyone who tries to stick through the whole thing without going insane, but next week we’ll be bringing you a guide of the episodes you should keep an eye out for, should you just want to dip in here and there over the whole thing. Because io9's nice like that!

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I just finished Lost Galaxy and currently working through Lightspeed Rescue. I really enjoyed Lost Galaxy. I especially loved the crossover episodes and how they handled the Pink Ranger arc. Overall it was a solid reason. So far I’m enjoying Lightspeed Rescue. I watched Time Force and Wild Force for the first time within these past few months also. Overall I’d say the immediate post-Zordon era might be some of the franchise’s strongest entries. I say this as someone who gave up around Turbo/Space when it was originally airing and now I’m bouncing around. Right now I’d say Time Force and SPD are tied for first place in my book.