Next time you cut yourself, these bandages could help you save a life

Normally, cutting yourself on a sharp object isn't a cause for celebration. But these adhesive bandages add a bright side to your blood and pain. You can mail in your blood sample and have yourself added to the Bone Marrow Registry — and perhaps save someone's life.


Only about half of the people who need life-saving bone marrow transplants receive one, but the more people who are placed on the Bone Marrow Registry, the better the odds. Graham Douglas, who works with the ad agency Droga5, came up with a solution that makes it easier for prospective donors to register: include cotton swabs and a self-addressed stamped envelop with packages of adhesive bandages. That way, when you pull out a bandage to deal with a sliced finger or scraped knee, you're ready to collect a blood sample that you can send off for testing.

Help in Need, a company that already deals in unique packaging for consumer over-the-counter medical supplies, has brought those packages to life. Now you can purchase their "Help, I've cut myself and I want to save a life" adhesive bandages, which come with a marrow registry kit. Help in Need has partnered with marrow registry DKMS, which agreed to accept the bloody swabs. At $4, the kits cost the same amount as Help in Need's existing bandage packages, and the company hopes that the addition of the tests will mean both increased sales of their product and more people included in the registry.


The Next Time You Cut Your Finger, Save a Life [Good via mental_floss]

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I'd love to sign up as a marrow donor, but unfortunately since I'm a male person who has had sex with another male person in the past five years I am unable to (even though I am happily in a long-term monogamous relationship with my partner). Oh well, guess I have to find another way to contribute to the human race.