Next Stop, Virtual Panhandling!

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If not having enough change to give to every downtrodden soul on the subway doesn't make you feel bad enough, now you have to pretend you don't see the abused girl staring out from a flat-screen at the bus stop.


The poster, which has been put up at the Tottenham Court Road bus shelter in London, includes some sort of built-in screen that shows images from a film shot by Frank Budgen. What you see is a distressed-looking girl sitting alone in the corner of a room. At the bottom of the poster is a green collection tin that, if you place money into, gets the virtual girl to look towards the person who just dropped the coins in and give a half-smile.

The ads promote Barnardo's children's charity. We wonder how much spare change the group is getting via this one bus stop and if, ironically, any downtrodden children have yet to try to pry that collection jar, or flat screen, straight off.


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Anekanta - spoon denier

Panhandling by proxy!? Begging by bustop!? I guess if it's going to a charity, you know it's going to be used for necessities and that you're not funding someone's drug addiction... but it still seems oddly removed and impersonal.