Next season's Vampire Diaries is all doppelgangers all the time

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Things on Vampire Diaries are about to get awkward. Everybody has a doppelganger, and that means all the love triangles have become lust polygons. At Comic-Con we caught up with the writers and cast and asked how things are shaping up in the new season.

Co-executive producer Caroline Dries confirmed that the new season is going to be all doppelganger mythologies. "We knew that Silas was Stefan's doppelganger from the beginning of last season, and we were constantly asking how to create Silas and earn that," Dries said. "This season we'll explore why doppelgangers were created and what it means for the universe."

She mused that possibly the fact that Stefan and Elena have doppelgangers says something special about their relationship. But don't expect Elena and Damon to break up any time soon. "We want to deliver on that happiness for them," Dries promised. (Yes, internet, I know what you are thinking and whatever.)


Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, said he hadn't really approached playing the 2,000-year-old Silas in any particular way. "I don't really know who Silas is yet," he shrugged. "He's so powerful that he's decided not to show that power. He takes pleasure in toying with people."

Nina Dobrev, who plays main character Elena as well as doppelganger Katherine, had put a lot more thought into her now-human doppelganger:

Katherine is not happy about what's happening — she's a vulnerable, weak, scared mess. She used her vampire skills to her advantage and get what she wants — and now she has to navigate this new world. She's too proud to admit it so she's trying to tell everyone that she's fine. But she's not fine at all.

I had to strip all her traits away. You'll see in the first episode. It's a good way to see her.

All I want to know is whether there will one day be a Doppelgangers spinoff set in Vancouver.

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I really enjoy how much Paul seems to be on the edge of rolling his eyes while talking about The Vampire Diaries and while acting in The Vampire Diaries. Can't blame him, Stefan is a wet mop and that love triangle is ridiculous.

Perhaps this turn as Silas will endear him to the show. Doubtful though, doubtful.