Next Doctor Teases Tennant Replacement Rumors

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David Morrissey, who's guest-starring in this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special as a character called The Doctor, seems to be enjoying the speculation that he will officially take over the role following David Tennant's departure at the end of next year, telling reporters that he's exactly what the show's producers are looking for.Charlie linked to the interview in What's On Stage in yesterday's Morning Spoilers, pointing to Morrissey's description of his character in December's "The Next Doctor" episode, but what I'm more interested in is his response to the rumor that his appearance as a man calling himself The Doctor isn't the one-off that it's been advertised as:

As for any talk of me taking over as the next Doctor, well, if or when they do choose someone, they would have to be totally different to David - which I am.


How this fits in with Steven Moffat's comment about the next Doctor needing to be "weird looking" depends on how you feel about the physical attributes; we wouldn't call him weird per se, but... well, let's just say that we could definitely why Moffat would feel that way. Morrissey responds to 'Dr Who' rumours [Digital Spy]

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