Next DC Animated Movie Looks to Be Batman's Gotham By Gaslight

Image: DC
Image: DC

Batman’s next animated flick could be going full Victorian.

An image being shared on Reddit suggests the next movie in the DC Animated slate is Gotham by Gaslight, an adaptation of a 1989 one-shot graphic novel. The image, which is purportedly of the back of the box art for the upcoming direct-to-video release of Batman and Harley Quinn, lists the title as the DC Animated Universe’s next film as part of a Special Features preview. Warner Bros. declined to comment on whether Gotham by Gaslight is the next film, telling me they only address officially announced projects.


Gotham by Gaslight was written by Brian Augustyn with art by Mike Mignola and inking by P. Craig Russell. It’s considered the first story in DC’s Elseworlds line of alternate reality adventures, and it’s a fan favorite. For good reason; this story is just the right kind of bonkers. It features a late-19th century Bruce Wayne influenced to fight crime in part by a run-in with Sigmund Freud (!) and who ends up hunting down Jack the Ripper, who has traveled to Gotham City from London because, umm, it seems murder is a global career.

Meanwhile, Batman and Harley Quinn comes out on August 15th. Written by Bruce Timm and owing a heavy stylistic debt to Batman: The Animated Series, the film features Batman and Nightwing teaming up with Harley to stop Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man from doing evil environmental hijinks.


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DC: *looks at Wonder Woman returns and the clamor for more Wonder Woman in all media* MORE BATMAN!

At least at somepoint they will have made a movie of every single Batman story and then maybe then can move on to someone else.