News That Might Get You Excited For Thor. Plus Lost's Spoiler Threat Level Goes To Red!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

A detailed description of Thor's costumes makes the Odinson sound awe-inspiring. Real Steel really is Rocky with robots. Lost's spoilers reach critical levels. (But they're easy to skip.) Plus Doctor Who, V, Survival Of The Dead, Chuck, Stargate and Fringe!



Someone posted on a discussion thread at Ain't It Cool News about the costumes for this Nordic god/superhero movie:

Everyone looks absolutely perfect, right down tot he color scheme. ANd its straight up medieval future tech looking. And yes Loki has black straight hair even know Hiddleston is blonde and curly. THor is balls accurate though complete with cape, chain mail arms, the circles going down the front of the torso, and winged helmet. I've seen the costumes, and they did absolutely [frick]ing nail it. Very Walt Simonson. And I think my reputation as someone very critical of most comic book films procedes me here so I'm not just some excited fanboy. The only thing that is funny about Loki's costume is that while its gold and has the big horns sticking out, the helmet part of it, meaning the part that actually touches his head, kind of looks like a bicycle helmet, I think more so that it would, practically speaking, stay comfortable on the actor and not move around due to the horns. The warriors three are also the same kind of medieval future tech look, a little less traditional than the comic but still very very awesome and the look of each of the actors themselves is [frick]ing dead on. Ray Stevenson looks especially cool in a chubby suit. Trust me, I think everyone here is going to be very very pleased as Branaugh just more or less adapted the comic. I was surprised at how well the looks work when translated into reality.


I like the sound of "Medieval future tech." Fingers crossed, this sounds promising. [AICN via Comic Book Movie]

Real Steel:

Director Shawn Levy compares this robot boxing movie to Rocky:

It's basically a father / son drama set in the future. Hugh Jackman is a boxer, but in the 2020 people have gotten bored with watching human fighters fight each other so they built robots to basically whale on each other for human spectacle. Hugh is a boxer. He can't do the only thing he was ever good at anymore. So he travels the United States buying and selling these robots looking for fights. Into his life comes the son he walked out on at birth. It's about a return to grace. It's about father, son and this robot they find in the junkyard getting a shot at redemption. ... We're creating this pantheon of robots not based on toys, not based on comic books - based on nothing but our own animation. ... It's in the landscape of America and it's in the fight venues some of which are gritty underground robot fight clubs others are Madison Square Garden. It literally shows the journey from underground—no rules, everything is allowed vicious fights—and as they rise through the ranks they get a shot at a big time fight at a major venue... The look is gritty naturalistic. The robots are motion-captured, but the look of the movie is "Training Day." It's gritty, natural, beautiful, but unvarnished.

And Sugar Ray Leonard is the boxing consultant. [Coming Soon]

Survival Of The Dead:

There's a new "redband" trailer for this zombie extravaganza. It's interesting that you can't claim to have been born in 1900, but you can put 1920. I guess anyone over 90 years old is SOL. [IGN]



Sadly our rumor that Terry Gilliam is directing Breaking Dawn has yet to gain any traction. (Maybe if we ambush Gilliam somewhere and ask him about it, with a really confusing quadruple-negative sentence, so that he'll say Yes when he means to say No?) But meanwhile, M. Night "The Happening" Shyamalan is the latest name in contention for the gig. Or at least, Shyamalan sounds vaguely interested. [MTV]


Doctor Who:

According to that new Radio Times spread, the seventh episode of the season is called "Amy's Choice." (Is that the one where she's pregnant and chased around by old people?) We're still trying to get hold of actual scans of the article — let us know if you come across them! [Gallifrey News Base]



A couple new promos for Thursday's new episode. [SpoilerTV]


Here's what happens in the April 13 episode, "John May":

ANNA INVITES CHAD BACK ONTO THE MOTHERSHIP, TYLER CONFRONTS HIS MOM ABOUT HIS PAST, PLUS A LOOK INTO RYAN'S LIFE 10 YEARS AGO, ON ABC'S " V." Erica, Ryan and Jack go on a harrowing mission to find the legendary John May in order to rescue Georgie, Anna brings Chad aboard the Mothership for a story on her Live Aboard Program, and Tyler confronts his mom about his mysterious past


[The V Files]

Erica is going to be at a disadvantage in her fight against the aliens, because she's held back by her conscience. And the humans can really only beat the aliens by being smarter, says new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum. He adds:

I want to know as much as I can about the Visitors. What do they look like underneath the human skin? Where did they come from? Why are they here? What are they after? How are they different, not just anatomically from human beings, but how are they mentally different? Are they spiritually different? Do they have emotions? Do they have thoughts? These were areas that I find really interesting and we dove into these in the next eight episodes.


Rosenbaum also says that Tyler will be less of an annoying teenager and more of an adult in the next episodes. Also, new character Kyle Hobbs (Charles Mesure) will be a key part of the rest of the season. We'll meet Erica's ex-husband Joe, in more than one episode. New characters AD Paul Kendrick (Roark Critchlow), Agent Sarita Malik (Rekha Sharma) and Joshua (Mark Hildreth) will be in multiple episodes too. [Chicago Tribune]

We're going to see some sides of Anna you'd never expect to see, says Morena Baccarin. [The V Files]
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Here's a deleted scene from last week's midseason finale.[CapricaTV]
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Here's what happens in the April 15 episode, "Let No Man Put Asunder":

Demetri decides to put a rush on his wedding plans with Zoey when the captured FBI mole confirms the date of his prophesized murder; Wedeck tries to help Aaron infiltrate Jericho in order to rescue Tracy; and Olivia's friendship with Lloyd grows stronger.


[The ODI]

Meanwhile, there are rumbles that this show may not actually get a second season — three actors have already signed to other shows, but a source with FlashForward says those actors are in "second position" on those other shows. In other words, if FlashForward gets a second season, those actors have to drop out of those other shows and stick with FlashForward. Still, it's hard to imagine this show getting a second year unless its ratings improve drastically. [E! Online]


Here's a British promo for the next episode. [SpoilerTV]


Casey, Morgan and Awesome unite to help Chuck win Sarah back. Meanwhile, Shaw's previously undented confidence will be challenged when he faces his wife's killer. Morgan, meanwhile, will once again wander away from the Buy More. [E! Online]


Since episode 13 was meant to be the season finale, it's a huge game-changer, and the extra six episodes that follow are almost like a whole new show, promises co-creator Chris Fedak. Some huge dramatic developments are coming up soon. Chuck is at a crossroads between being a full-fledged spy and a regular person, and there'll be a couple of really epic episodes before the first block of 13 concludes. In those final six episodes, "We have new characters coming into the world... [and] in the final six episodes we really do get into the mythology of the show." [Sci Fi Wire]

The Walking Dead:

KNB Group, which worked on Predators as well as Diary Of The Dead and Survival Of The Dead, is doing effects work on this zombie rampage show as well. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Stargate Universe:

Here are a buttload of new pics from episode 11, "Space". [SpoilerTV]

And Brian J. Smith talks about what to expect:
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Here's a new trailer for tonight's episode:

One of the main Lost spoiler sites, The ODI, raised its spoiler warning level to "red" today. What color was it before? Orange? Amber? We're not sure. I like the idea of a Department of Spoiler Homeland Security. In any case, the reason for the elevated spoiler level was probably a Q&A which sister site SpoilersLost just posted. The site asked a bunch of questions of inside sources who have seen/read all the episodes except for the finale, and tabulated their answers.


And here's your last chance to jump off the spoiler bandwagon. If you keep reading past this sentence, you will be massively, unutterably spoiled.

Still with us?

Okay then. It's hard to summarize the Q&A because it's pretty scattershot. But in a nutshell, it seems like we never find out the Man In Black's name, even though we learn how he became the Smoke Monster — and it's a way that suggests, if Locke had kept falling into that hole in season one, Locke would have become a second Smoke Monster without having to die first. There are lots of cool cameos coming up, and the Libby comeback is great. Also, the scene where Michael explains himself to Hurley is amazing. We get a surprising/cool explanation of Adam And Eve.


The whole storyline seems to be leading up to a "Last Man Standing" type situation, where the last one still alive gets some reward. And there are tons of deaths, especially in the upcoming "brutal" submarine explosion. Sayid, Ilana, Widmore and Jacob's mother all die. And Sun's death is especially annoying because she doesn't do anything all season — and then "they write her off the same way as Charlie." Sawyer and Kate probably get together on the island, and off the island, it's looking like Sawyer and Juliet will be together. So there ya go. [SpoilersLost]

Most of the really big deaths happen towards the end, but tonight's episode includes a shocking event that affects a major character's well-being. The good news is, there's tons of great romantic stuff that will have you squeeing. And the show will address why Richard Alpert gets to be Jacob's messenger, but not a candidate to replace Jacob. The island version of Sayid is definitely not going to have any kind of happy ending. [E! Online]


Elizabeth Mitchell hints that when Juliet reappears, we don't have to see her die again. [Chicago Tribune]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.


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