Newly presented evidence shows that early humans interbred with Neanderthals, Denisovans, and now, shockingly, a fourth undocumented hominid species. The paleoarchaeologists who made the discovery are now saying that ancient Eurasia was a "Lord of the Rings-type world," a landmass containing many hominid populations. As to the identity of the new species, scientists haven't the "faintest idea."

Image: An uncovered skull (unrelated to this news) via Wikimedia commons.

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We already have so-called "hobbits" as a fourth species. If Science is going to run with this Lord of the Rings analogy, which are going to be the elves, which are going to be the orcs, which will be the dwarves, and who the hell is Tom Bombadil?

On a more serious note, does anyone else worry about people who don't really understand what this data means using it to essentialize human races and try to use it to argue a race hierarchy is established by science? The same data could be used to prove the opposite, but it still seems like it's an option for race-baiters.