National Geographic is reporting on how marine biologists working off the coast of New Zealand have pulled up a number of rare and unknown species of fish from more than a mile down. After taking a look at them, however, the scientists would probably do well to put them right back down where they found them. These things are downright scary.

Writing in NatGeo, Peter McMillan describes the work done by New Zealand's National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research:

NIWA had set up eight trawl stations to capture fish at varying depths around Chatham Rise, part of a network of underwater plateaus, mountains, ridges, canyons, and abyssal plains.

"We know very little about the abundance and distribution of fishes at these depths," NIWA fisheries scientist Peter McMillan said in an email.

The team discovered that the whalefish has little company below 1.3 miles (2.1 kilometers), where a small number of other fish, including skates, slickheads, rattails, and cusk-eels, were also found during the expedition.


Be sure to check out the entire article where there are a lot more images.

All images via National Geographic.