Illustration for article titled Newest Insane Cop Procedural To Star A Crime-Solving Sigmund Freud

I... he... what?! Further proving there is literally nothing American TV networks won't turn into a crime procedural (or a hospital procedural), the father of modern psychoanalysis will use his knowledge of the oedipal complex to catch bad guys in the new series Freud: The Secret Casebook.


From Deadline:

Carnival Films will produce with Big Light. The period drama will see Sigmund Freud become the world's first criminal profiler. Set in early 20th century Vienna, the series will focus on Freud as he uses his startling new theories about psychology to help solve crimes, and will blend episodic murder mysteries with the on-going tale of the psychoanalyst-cum-detective's tangled and provocative personal life.


"Psychoanalyst-cum-detective"? IS THAT A FREUDIAN SLIP, DEADLINE? Sigh. The show is being developed by The X-Files veteran Fran Spotnitz and developed by the NBC-owned Carnival Films, who you might remember also produced the recent and completely insane Dracula miniseries.. Man, Freud would have a field-day with that show, assuming he wasn't too busy busting punks.

I imagine the show, if it gets made, will air on NBC. Hopefully, this should tide us over until somebody develops Lewis Carroll: Special Victims Unit.

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