Newest Glass Trailer Blurs the Line Between Fantasy and Reality

Mr. Glass observing David Dunn.
Mr. Glass observing David Dunn.
Image: Universal
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One of the most interesting questions about M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming Glass feature is just how big the film’s stakes are going to get, considering that it features on a evil super genius, an unbreakable man, and a being who might as well be a near-invulnerable demon. There are a number of directions the movie could go.


In the latest international trailer for the film, though, the focus seems to be almost entirely turned inward and smaller in scope, homing in on the intricacies of its characters’ minds and what may or may not be the collective psychosis they all suffer from. Each of them believes themselves to be the sort of person one might only see on the pages in a comic book, and even though we’ve seen just what all they can do, there’s a certain degree of doubt as to just how much they believe it all about themselves.

When Glass breaks into theaters on January 18, it’s likely that the decision as to whether the movie’s characters are more than what they seem is something that will ultimately come down to how we interpret them.

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So this trailer is the Magic Realism angle for supers?

It is purely a personal opinion, but I have felt that MR - with it’s cliched use of insanity/drugs/etc. to allow doubt about the mystical or fantastical - was just a safety net so high-brow readers didn’t feel like they had wandered too close to the true fantasy or sci-fi genre.

Or said another way, “Be able to have their cool jet packs and still be a literary snobs.”