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Newest Blade Runner Footage Shows Surprises in the Future

Those flying cars you wanted? They’re coming in 2049, with guns and missiles and drones. Too bad the world will have gone to hell by then...

The latest TV teaser for Blade Runner 2049 gives viewers a few new glimpses of the three-decades-after sequel to the scifi classic. In the new footage, both Harrison Ford’s Deckard and Ryan Gosling’s Officer K trade punches with the folks who are hunting them, along with a car chase sequence that shows off futuristic weapons and tech. The brief cut with the lush, verdant environment is the most exciting thing to me, because—in a world wracked by apocalyptic climate change—you’ve gotta wonder where exactly that moment happens.


Blade Runner 2049 opens on October 6.

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Is it just me, or does this movie just look generically “futuristic” and not at all like Blade Runner?

Not enough clutter.