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New Zealand's Greatest Superheroes?

Dr. Grordbort isn't the only New Zealand culture we discovered on our trip: we also found The Amazing Extraordinary Friends, a show about a young superhero team who are still learning on the job.

There's a lot to like about AEF, as silly as it is: for one thing, it includes an older generation of heroes. Ben, aka Captain Extraordinary, discovers that his maternal grandfather is a retired superhero, the Green Termite, and later finds out his dad was Captain Extraodinary before him. (And grand-dad gets to join the team!) For another, his teammate Shani, aka Wired, gets to save the day sometimes. Also, there's a superhero called the Hammer, who goes around mostly naked except for his cape and loincloth. (But he never explains how the Hammer is not his fists.)


And you have all the usual awesome plots, like supervillains trying to steal the world's supply of Unobtainium, our superheroes getting split into their good and evil selves, and a woman physicist getting blasted with gamma rays and turned into a 50-foot woman. Here's the trailer for season two:

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Annalee Newitz

So awesome! Figures that the heroes would be tripped up by prepaid - my guess is that it was NZ Telecom.