New Zealander Changes Name to Longest Allowed by Law, Goes the Distance

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A man from Dunedin, New Zealand shall henceforth be known as "FULL METAL HAVOK MORE SEXY N INTELLIGENT THAN SPOCK AND ALL THE SUPERHEROES COMBINED WITH FROSTNOVA." At 99 characters, it is the longest legally allowed by the country's Department of Internal Affairs.

Mr. Frostnova's name change reportedly comes five years after he lost a poker bet. The 22-year-old was apparently waiting for his passport to expire before making good on his debt. The New Zealand Herald has the Ts&Cs of kiwi naming conventions:

Under Birth Deaths and Marriages rules, new names must consist of one surname, and one or more other names, unless religious, philosophical beliefs or cultural traditions require the applicant to have only one name - in which case the applicant is required to provide a letter of explanation.

Names may not be accepted if they cause offence to a reasonable person, are unreasonably long, or without adequate justification include or resemble an official title or rank.

In 2008, Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt publicly criticised some parents' choice of names, after he ordered that a girl named Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii be taken into court custody so she could change her name.

Names can also not include numbers or symbols.

Rejected names in recent years include Majesty, King, Knight, Princess, Justice, Anal, V8, 89, Mafia No Fear, Lucifer, full stop and *.


The DIA has to draw the line somewhere. If it didn't, people might get carried away.

[New Zealand Herald]

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Well there goes my plan to be known as King Anal Justice...