New York Review of Science Fiction may cease print publication in July

The New York Review of Science Fiction has been a major source of insights into science fiction writing and criticism since 1988, with Hugo nominations every year since 1989. (Among many other fine essays, they published Samuel Delany's essay on racism and science fiction.) Now the Review may be converting to an electronic-only publication, for involuntary reasons. According to an announcement from the editors a couple days ago, the Review's printers, Odyssey Press, were sold, and the printer subsequently "ran out of paper."

Say the editors:

We will continue to publish print issues through the end of the current volume in July 2012. It does not appear that we will continue in print past then but will switch to PDFs of entire issues. These may be emailed to subscribers, or we may decide not to have subscribers and just make each issue available online, either for a nominal charge or for free. We will almost certainly also offer a print-on-demand option as well.


So if you're not already getting a PDF subscription to the Review, you may want to switch to one. [NYRSF]

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Michael Ann Dobbs

I've never heard of this magazine! Why do I only hear about good things when they're about to go away?