New York Hosts The Vampire Apocalypse In New Trailer For The Strain

FX has debuted the first trailer for the second season of Guillermo del Toro's vampire series The Strain, and it appears the ammonia-laden Strigoi fecal matter has completely hit the fan, as the war between humans and the vampires has escalated from covert to "the city is overrun and also on fire."


If you read my recaps of The Strain season one, you'll know I didn't much care for the show, but it seems like season two should be a significant improvement. First of all, The Strain badly needed a major dose of craziness, and an all-out vampire war sounds like an easy way to achieve that. Second, the show's biggest problem was how outrageously long it took to get all the main characters involved in the plot; now it seems like everyone should be up-to-speed and actively fighting against or for the vampires right from the get-go. Third, well, season two can't really do anything about the stupidity of the British lady "breaking the internet" which somehow prevented TV shows, phones, radios, and basic human conversation from mentioning the constant murders and tentacle-tongue-wielding monsters rampaging though the city, but if the vampires are out in the open, it no longer matters. Here's hoping.

Oh, one more thing — apparently Corey Stoll's character's kid Zach has been recast with Max Charles from American Sniper. We'll see how that works out when The Strain season two premieres this summer.


[Via Bloody Disgusting]

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One interesting thing about shows like this is how geocentric they tend to be. They conveniently ignore the fact that high-level espionage by countries like China and Russia would have long-since revealed the vampire apocalypse, even if the internet was "broken". Ugh, it hurts my brain just to type that. Remember, there is still a place for old-fashioned real world spying, and I'm sure those folks would be relaying everything that was going on via private, "unbreakable" networks like radio or satellite communications.

Just for once, I want the apocalypse to break out in the US and have a foreign power take matters into their own hands to stop it. For example, who is to say the Chinese Communist Party, seeing via their espionage what damage the vampire plague was doing to New York City, wouldn't re-task a submarine already on patrol to launch a MIRVed ballistic missile and burn the entire 5 borough area to ashes along with the vampire plague? Maybe the Chinese leadership made a calculation that, in the absence of any action by the US military, the world -including China- could quickly become engulfed in the Vampire plague, and decided that any short-term geopolitical or military ramifications, even the proportional-response nuking of one of China's major cities, would be better than seeing the Party's regime crumble.