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New York Comic Con Day One: The Blue Upskirts Begin

Illustration for article titled New York Comic Con Day One: The Blue Upskirts Begin

It's early in the AM and we're catching giant blue Faker upskirts, cute geek girls are wearing "talk nerdy to me" signs, and we've just spotted out first cosplayer - it's Comic Con time.


The giant blue Faker greats you at New York Comic Con's entry way (he's available for purchase, in a smaller, much cheaper form at the Mattell booth.) And slowly, the masked faces and poster-protection-tube-carrying bodies are filing in. It's a beautiful thing to see the miniature Batman dolls all in a row, a Forbidden Science viewing tube (for porn-watching early in the morning) and rows upon rows of comic retailers.

The buzz is starting to circulate: have you seen the Master Chief suit or the Rorschach grappling gun? What's Marvel going to announce today? Where's Terry Moore? Who's going to show up and drive the fans berzerk? Will the new Terminator bot be on display, and have you played the new Riddick game yet?


But that's just the beginning of the play-by-play we'll be bringing you from NYCC this weekend. Keep your eye out for io9ers at panels and events, especially the Saber Academy. I'm sending my intern to that one, because while her classic training is good, her tonfa lightsaber technique is crap.

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Josh Wimmer

Did you guys know Meredith invited me to this and then never got me a ticket, even though I always return her emails and Facebook messages with unearthly timeliness?