New York And London Finally Connected Via Undersea Tunnel

The telectroscope, a looking-glass tunnel connecting New York and London has been completed at last, over 100 years after it was abandoned. The tunnel, which starts in Brooklyn, was designed and partly executed by late 1800s inventor Alexander Stanhope St. George. A series of mirrors, cameras and a large underground tunnel, connects the two cities. More details about the scope and gallery after the jump.


The telectroscope's inventor, St. George, was passionately committed to the idea of being able to connect London and New York without having to move. He constructed parts of a great shaft which unfortunately collapsed on many of his workers in 1892. The project was never completed. His ancestor Paul St. George stumbled upon the original blueprints and details and brought the telectroscope to life.


The telectroscope is open 24 hours a day. It's New York location is on the Fulton Ferry Landing near the Brooklyn Bridge and the London scope is on the South side of the river near the London Bridge. It will be open until June 15 this summer. Email ahead of time if you're going to meet someone on the other side and the staff will let you cut in line.

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