New Year's Day on Mars

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On January 1, the Curiosity rover celebrated its 500th sol (Martian day) on Mars. A few days earlier, it snapped an incredible new photo of 18,000-foot Mt. Sharp. Here is the entire panorama, a mosaic created from several individual images taken by the Mastcam on Dec. 26, 2013 (Sol 494).

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To celebrate Curiosity posted this Tweet: "500 Sols of Mars: While Earth celebrates #NewYear2014, midnight on Mars mark my 500th day of operations."


To date, Curiosity has driven nearly 3 miles across the floor of Gale Crater in the 16 months it has been on Mars.

Credit: NASA/JPL/MSSS/Marco Di Lorenzo/Ken Kremer-

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GuacamoleFire - JRCC

Very honest question, why don't we have flying probes? or hovering rovers? I know the overall pressure in Mars is quite low, but our engineers would account for it to create a flying device like a Ultra lightweight drone.