New X-Men: First Class set pics reveal a few new mutant sneak peeks

You've seen the arial shots of the nasty carnage happening on set of Matthew Vaughan's mutant origins movie X-Men: First Class. Now get a closer look inside the production, and check out a few young mutants.


Comic Book Movie has rounded up another collection of X-Men: First Class images. And from what we can decipher it looks like more Blackbird wreckage and a storyboard snapshot which may (or may not it's impossible to tell) show the first concept art for Magneto and possibly Havoc. That's our wild guess - we've read that it could be Riptide on a few other sites, but we're leaning towards Havoc with a close-up of young-"ish" Magneto. What do you think?


To see more images head to CBM. X-Men: First Class is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 3rd, 2011.

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