New X-Men First Class Plot Synopsis, Plus Awesome Doctor Who/Supernatural/Lost Clips!

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Now that Matthew Vaughn is officially directing X-Men: First Class, there's an intriguing new plot synopsis. Inception will have a mysterious/shocking twist. Jamie Kennedy's not in Transformers 3! There are great Doctor Who/Supernatural/Lost clips. Plus Walking Dead and True Blood.


X-Men: First Class:

It's official! Matthew Vaughn is directing this mutant prequel, and there's a release date: June 3, 2011. Yep, just about a year. Soon! And there's a new synopsis, which adds a few shadings of detail to what we already knew:

Before they were archenemies, they were the closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-Men.


[CS Monitor]

Not surprisingly with that short lead time, the film's already casting — producer Bryan Singer is reportedly using the casting process for his film Jack The Giant Killer to look for young actors who could be a young Scott Summers or Jean Grey. (So no Tim Pocock, then?) [Heat Vision Blog]

Transformers 3:

The report that Jamie Kennedy is in this film? Not true. Reps for Kennedy explain that he told a reporter that he auditioned for a role in the film, and it was misquoted. And Kennedy's a huge fan of the franchise, but he's not currently attached to the movie at all. But Patrick Dempsey's definitely in it. [MTV]



This movie has a "huge reveal" in its third act. Which isn't really that surprising, I guess. [Hollywood Elsewhere]


Scott Pilgrim:

Director Edgar Wright says it's true this movie did three days of pick-up shooting, to tweak some bits and pieces and add some material from volume six of the graphic novel series. It'll be like the icing on the cake. More at the link. [Slashfilm]



Here's a poster (which I think is the same as the other one we just featured) and some stills that you might not have seen before. [IGN]


The Last Airbender:

Another awesome new poster! [Wired]

Doctor Who:

There's a massive feature in the Telegraph that gives away tons of details for "The Vampires Of Venice." I didn't realize the show filmed both Venice circa 1580 and 19th century France in the Croatian town of Trogir — which was under Venetian control from 1420 to 1797 and looks, in parts, more like 16th. century Venice than Venice does nowadays. Also, there's no love triangle with the Doctor, Amy and Rory — she just felt like kissing him at the end of "Flesh And Stone."


The Doctor's attempting to play Cupid by taking Amy and Rory to Venice, but he falls afoul of Rosanna Cavilieri, who appears to be the prim headmistress of a school for girls, but then she bares her enormous fangs and you start to think she might be a vampire. But it turns out these aren't vampires — they're "these strange things that turn into fish," says Karen Gillan. And Rosanna morphs into a really great CG baddie, sort of like a praying mantis, which attacks Rory and Amy in an alley. [Telegraph]

Three awesome new clips from "The Vampires Of Venice." [BlogtorWho]
Click to view


And Arthur Darvill introduces the episode. [BlogtorWho]
Click to view

The Walking Dead:

Laurie Holden (The Shield) is joining this zombie-apocalypse series as Andrea, a member of the survivor group who's an expert with a sniper rifle, and falls for a man twice her age. [THR]



Two more sneak peeks from tonight's huge episode. Damn! [SpoilerTV]


John Noble reiterates that Walter and Peter will heal their divide:

What's going to happen — and it won't happen this year necessarily, there will be a hint of it in the finale — is that a relationship will be rekindled. It will be different. But I think there's sufficient richness and sufficient texture in what they have already to get them past this hurdle. That's my belief. The relationship that's been created over the two seasons, it will survive this breach of trust.




James Callis (aka Gaius Baltar) plays Dr. Grant, who's nothing like Baltar. He's a positive good guy, who wants to do the right thing. And Dr. Grant has a crush on Allison Blake, which causes problems for Jack. [Sci Fi Wire]


True Blood:

Another new character joining the cast: Tony, a twenty-something hustler who's addicted to drugs. He has a shocking resemblance to Talbot, and this makes him attractive to Talbot's made, Russell. [EW]


Bill's maker, Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) has a huge role in season three, not surprisingly to people who've read the books. She won't say whether Lorena's responsible for Bill's abduction, but does say there'll be surprises in their relationship, and they'll relate to that season-ending cliffhanger. And her character won't always do what you expect her to do. There might be some "heartfelt connection" between the two of them. [MTV]

Yet another funny poster. [SpoilerTV]


In Tuesday's episode, Lisa is found in an alley with a "V" carved into her cheek. But it's just a ploy by Anna to drum up anti-Fifth Column sentiment, and this leads to Anna and Erica meeting up. And we learn why the Visitors wanted to hunt down Hobbes. Oh, and this show is not looking so likely to get a second season, alas. [EW]



Original novel author Robert J. Sawyer talks about episode 19, which he wrote. It will feature Fiona Banks, the Scotland Yard agent introduced in the pilot. He also says Agent Noh's woes aren't over: "Just because he lived past March 15 doesn't mean everybody thinks he should have lived past March 15." [Digital Spy]



Lois and Clark are going to hit a rough patch, as Lois struggles to choose between the Blur and Clark, and we'll see what Clark's deception has done to her. But here's a pic that shows that at least Clark and Lois are having some fun times in the season finale. (Another pic at the link.) Also, the blue kryptonite dagger comes heavily into play in the last moments of the season. [EW]

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Annette O'Toole and Michael McKean talk about coming back to the show as Ma Kent and Perry White. [KryptonSite]



There are hints that maybe Lapidus isn't really dead. [EW]

We'll definitely see Sun and Jin again, not surprisingly. And Daniel Dae Kim says stuff was added to the episode at the last minute to remind everybody that Ji Yeon is with Sun's mom, so she's not really a total orphan or anything. [E! Online]


Here are a couple sneak peeks from Tuesday's new Jacob/M.I.B. episode. And there's speculation that you can glimpse Jack and maybe Sawyer lurking in the reeds in the second clip. [Doc Arzt and Doc Arzt]

Michael Emerson explains that the extra half hour added to the series finale is a great thing, because now the episode has time to "breathe": "When we were shooting it, we went so far overtime that I thought, ‘How are they ever going to squeeze all this into two hours?!'" [Fancast]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.

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I'm really looking forward to Doctor Who. Though I have to admit, the Doctor even acts younger than his nearly millennial age. I've even begun to wonder if, with as many regenerations he's had, if Time Lords start to go a little bonkers with each change. It would be cool to discover a link between regeneration and the megalomaniac madness of the Gallifreyans in the end.

Sort of like Stargate when we discover why the Tok'Ra don't use the sarcophagus. It creates an addiction and dependence and every moment away from it drives you near mad and turns you into a complete jerk from the withdrawal (like smokers trying to quit). After centuries of use and the evil the Goa'uld perform, there has to be some mixture of madness in the host plus the predatory nature of the symbiont and the collected genetic memories of every other mad and evil Goa'uld that makes them so nasty. They really never had a chance.

It would be cool if successive regenerations showed a real descent into madness and callousness and such.