New X-Files Comic Wants To Be Television Show So Badly

Entertainment Weekly has a preview of what you can expect from DC Comics' upcoming X-Files comic written by Frank Spotnitz, the show's executive producer (and co-writer on the new movie, X-Files: I Want To Believe). It's good news for people who miss the TV show. In fact, if you have a CD of Mark Snow's theme music playing while reading it, it's very good news indeed.


I'm not imagining it; they really are spending the first page adapting the opening titles of the show, aren't they? Right down to the random images that were meant to suggest mysterious parts of the conspiracy that I never understood (In my shame, however, I have to admit that I gave up on the series long before it finished - I never even saw the Mulder and Scully replacements they brought in towards the end).

The first issue of the new DC series takes place during the show's fifth season, and features a story that Spotnitz "always wanted to tell, but never had a chance to," according to EW. Guess that whole "executive producer" title really doesn't come with any power after all, huh?

'X-Files': Sneak Peek at New Comic Book! [Entertainment Weekly]


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