New Wreck-It-Ralph trailer shows what video games do in their time off

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Wreck-It-Ralph is so much fun, we can hardly stand it. This brand new international trailer is loaded with new footage and scenes of squeaky CG characters being charming. Note how all of the townspeople from Ralph's video game move around in an 8-bit manner. The attention to detail in this film is intense.


Wreck-It-Ralph hits theaters on Nov. 2nd.

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I'm liking the look of this and hope like hell it won't turn out to be awful. I only have one small issue, which for me is as close to "this looks great" as we're gonna get. Were Bowser, Sonic and Robotnik ever in an arcade game? I know the movie aims to play around with the idea of video-games in general but if it's set in an arcade should those characters be there? Or is this world one wher all games, both home and arcade alike, are connected?

Does anyone know this or am I doomed to wonder until opening night?