New Wonder Woman Trailer Shows How the Girl Became a Legend

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The latest Wonder Woman trailer is finally here, and it takes us into Diana’s past to show how it shaped her amazing future.

It’s still hard to believe we’re just three months away from a Wonder Woman solo film. Gal Gadot charmed audiences by being the break-out star in Batman v Superman, and fans have been eager to see the heroine take center stage.


This latest trailer introduces us to the younger version of Diana, watching her grow in her strength and abilities over the years. The trailer’s definitely more focused on her personal journey, showing how she overcame the doubt imposed by others and learned to embrace her true destiny. Looks like one exciting ride. Wonder Woman opens June 2.


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I can’t say I am that excited for some of the character choices they have made for Wondy for these movies. Like centering a sword, even if a special one, instead of her Lasso of Truth, to her story. It just feels like a misunderstanding of core of her character. And I am always against making her a daughter of Zeus but that at least has 52 DC continuity to blame.