New Watchmen Trailer Is Full Of Organ Playing, Death Dealing Craziness

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Zack Snyder's new Watchmen trailer has hit the nets and it is truly a thing of ass kicking beauty complete with an ominous organ beginning. Haters to the left, if you're not at least a little excited by this trailer then you live in a sad, cold world. Watch Dr. Manhattan get super pissed at a pack of reporters, see Rorschach go crazy as only he knows how and finally get a taste of the costumed adventurer controversy. View the trailer in its entirety below. Watchmen comes out on March 6, 2009. [Yahoo]

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I can't wait to see this; I truly believe it will be a huge success.

But two things kinda bugged me:

1) I'm real tired of the whole slow-mo-hero-drops-into-frame-from-above gag (Nite-Owl). It was cool when Kate Beckinsale did that in Underworld 2 and just kept walking without pausing to "plant" her landing. But now every superhero in cinema has to do this move. Maybe it's all part of Snyder's "deconstructing" superhero movies and all, but I have to consciously convince myself of that in order to not be annoyed by the cliche'.

2) I didn't like the fact that they changed Rorschach's use in the graphic novel of the term "mask" as slang for costumed hero (as in, "Somebody is killing masks."), and instead went for the literal phrase. Strikes me as dumbing the movie down for the hundred or so people who've never been exposed to the American superhero cultural meme.