New Watchmen Hints, Plus Batman and Wolverine Spoilers

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We were excited to see Peter at Slashfilm striking a blow against excessive spoiler sensitivity with his rant on Saturday. It's not just because we revel in spoilers and wish there could be spoilers for real life, either. It's also because we want the term "spoiler" to refer to only the juiciest and most forbidden info, not just some picture of a monster with a silly head. That's why we're bringing you spoilers from Dark Knight, Wolverine, Torchwood, Lost and Sarah Connor... plus some hints on how Watchmen will handle its setting.

Here's how director Zach Snyder describes the political backdrop in his movie of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen:

I do believe the cold war stakes are pivotal to the film's success because in order to believe Adrian's storyline, you have to believe that he believes that the threat of nuclear war is not only real, but also imminent. We've put a lot of effort into trying to infuse the story with that notion — using every appropriate opportunity to reinforce the Soviet presence and the looming threat of a nuclear war on a global scale.



More spoilers:

  • Least shocking spoiler ever: Harvey Dent will become Two-Face in Batman: The Dark Knight. [ENews]
  • The Blob will definitely appear in the Wolverine solo movie, sources say. Supposedly the producers have already done FX tests with an actor in a rubber suit (?) that makes him look like he's 800 pounds, but they'll use CGI to increase his apparent weight to 1200 pounds. [FilmSchoolRejects]
  • Also, this is hardly a spoiler, but aparently Danny Huston will play the mutant-hating scientist Stryker, and Lynn Collins will play Wolverine's love interest Silver Fox. [First Showing]
  • The first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ends with John Connor at odds with his uncle (Brian Austin Green) over whether Summer Glau can be trusted. Also, Ellison finds he has an enemy within the FBI. [SpoilerTV]
  • Kyle is suspected of being a ringleader in a cheating scandal at his school, in the March 4 episode of Kyle XY. And the scandal could cause the cancellation of the prom! Oh noes! Also, Jessi pushes herself harder to train for the Latnok presentation; [TurkeyWhisperer]
  • The as-yet-unwritten ninth episode of the new Lost season was slated, before the strike, to be a Ben-centric episode in which we meet a math professor. There's some kind of secret formula, involving the famous numbers 4,8,15,16,23 and 42, which leads to something called the "Jacobian Code." [Spoilerati]
  • CJ7, that cute green puppy in Stephen Chow's CJ7, dies! Oh noes! [Remorse of a Sugar Junkie]
  • On Torchwood, you know how Owen dies, and then comes back from the dead as the Weevil King? (And we all stop watching Torchwood forever?) Apparently he does eventually go back to being human. And here are pics to prove it. Is Owen holding a gun at Gwen's wedding in that second pic? [Doctor Who Mania]
Illustration for article titled New Watchmen Hints, Plus Batman and Wolverine Spoilers

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Charlie Jane Anders

@jenndavo: No idea whether there's the demand, actually... we definitely don't cover Kyle XY as eagerly as we cover, say, Lost. I have watched a bunch of episodes of Kyle, and it's definitely very family-oriented. But then again, a recent episode featured a bizarre five-minute sequence where all the characters stood around swapping metaphors for masturbation and giggling.