New Watchmen Footage Is Lovely And Tormented

Click to viewAs promised, some new footage from dark superhero epic Watchmen just aired as part of the 2008 Scream Awards, and it looks just as pretty as all the other footage you've seen. Bits of it look like the trailer we saw at Comic-Con. But there's also more Silk Spectre sexiness that I haven't seen before, and even more of Dr. Manhattan blasting people and things into abstract shapes. And just a taste of Laurie on Mars. Plus, you get a really amazing glimpse of just how tortured Jeffrey Dean Morgan is as the Comedian. Despite our qualms about the possible changes from the graphic novel, and its self-indulgent catheterize-yourself length, we have to admit it sure does look sweet.


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Oh. My. Malin Ackerman is hot, even with that silly hair style. You'd think that "super"heroes would want something a little less obtrusive... She should follow Manhattan's lead and go sans clothes.

That's just me.