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New War Machine Footage From Iron Man 2. Plus Another Spider-Man Casting Rumor And Riddick 3 Script Review!

Illustration for article titled New War Machine Footage From Iron Man 2. Plus Another Spider-Man Casting Rumor And Riddick 3 Script Review!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Another actor is rumored to play Peter Parker, an Iron Man teaser includes awesome War Machine action, and someone's read the Riddick script. Plus Cowboys And Aliens, Joss Whedon's Cabin In The Woods, Resident Evil and I Am Number Four.


Spider-Man: Begin Again:

Did you know that the Spidey reboot has this rumored working title? That's what people have been reporting, anyway. It's, well, ummm... memorable. (It's not quite as great as Tr2n.) Anyway, the latest casting rumor is that Josh Hutcherson, who was Brendan Fraser's nephew in Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3-D, is on the short list to play Peter Parker. As always, believe nothing until it's official. [IESB]


Iron Man 2:

A new Chinese teaser includes a snippet of new footage, including Tony working on an upgrade and a couple of very cute moments with War Machine. [Wired]

The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking:

Someone got a hold of the script to this third Riddick film. It starts with Riddick crawling on a desert world, about to be killed by its indigenous predators. Riddick won't let that happen — but he realizes he has to let go of the events of the previous two films if he's to get out of this in one piece. We flash back to Riddick's life after he took over the Necromonger army — and it turns out Riddick faced a lot of resentment among the Necromongers, because he didn't accept the vow of becoming the new Lord Marshal of the Necromonger army. More and more Necromonger assassins try to kill Riddick, so eventually he makes a deal with Vaako (Karl Urban) — take Riddick back to Furya so he can start over, and Vaako can have the Necromongers for himself. It all goes south, leading to Riddick being marooned on that desert planet. That's just the first fifteen minutes.

After that, we see a lot of Riddick at the top of his game as a hunter, dealing death and outsmarting other mercs. The action takes place on a planet with three moons, mud demons and trisons, plus two shiploads of mercs trying to hunt down Riddick. It's a definite hard-edged R-rated film. And there are a few threads that set up a fourth film, including hints of a mystery involving his home world of Furya and visions of a woman asking Riddick to come back for the final fight. [Corona Coming Attractions]

Cabin In The Woods:

So we already mentioned that there will definitely be monsters in Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's genre-reinventing horror film. But now co-star Fran Kranz hints that there may be many different monsters in the woods. He adds:

All I know is that at one point I read somewhere that Joss said it was the horror film to end all horror films. I like that. I think that puts it best. Those are high expectations, but it's pretty out there. It goes for it. It really goes for it, so if it's successful, then I think people will have trouble following in his footsteps.


And he says besides the kids in the cabin, there are a group of adults (Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford and Amy Acker) in a separate subplot elsewhere. [Sci Fi Wire]

Cowboys And Aliens:

This movie is looking for lots of extras with facial hair, including mutton chops, mustaches and long goatees. They also want Native American women and children, plus horseback riders, to be in the background of various scenes. [CinemaBlend]


Resident Evil: Afterlife:

You might have to take a bit of dramamine before watching this film, judging from director Paul W.S. Anderson's description of one sequence:

There's a whole fight scene that we're about to shoot that we start next week with Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller which is taken almost — well, is taken shot by shot from [the video game] Resident Evil 5. What's great in the game is it's one continuous shot, where the camera rotates around Wesker fighting the two and he just kicks their asses. But, they never cut which of course, you can do in animation. It's a bit more difficult in live action. So what we're going to do is probably shoot the fight in 10 different segments and then seam it together in visual effects so the finished effect will be as though the camera never stops rotating around. It's really cool because you go around them and then you kind of like, go underneath them. It's going to be a nightmare and everyone's tearing their hair out on set trying to figure out how to do it, especially with the 3-D rigs which are huge.



I Am Number Four:

D.J. Caruso's science-fiction epic, based on the novel series co-written by former Gawker intern James Frey, is roaring forward. British actor Alex Pettyfer is playing the lead role of Number Four, one of nine fugitive aliens living on Earth and being hunted one by one. District 9's Sharlto Copley is in talks to co-star as a member of their home planet's servant class, who's now on Earth as Four's mentor and adult guardian. [Reuters]



Netflix posted a blurb for the sixth season of this show, which gives extremely vague hints about how season five might end. (Or it may have just been written by someone who was making some good guesses):

After fighting Lucifer himself, courageous demon-hunting brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) return for more thrilling adventures and mysteries, pursuing vicious fiends, vampires, spirits and ghouls in order to protect mankind. Season 6 of this paranormal drama series sees the two siblings attempting to overcome dangerous traps, double-crossing allies, monstrous murders and impossible odds.


It's so vague as to be almost meaningless, except it does imply the fight with Lucifer will be in the past. [The Monkey Playground, thanks Eric!]


So even though it sure looks like Chuck and Sarah are a couple, they're still going to keep questioning whether they'll ever get to be together for reals. And in an upcoming episode, they go undercover as a married couple, and they have to exchange real wedding vows, in an eerie echo of the scene where they talk about running away together, from earlier in the season. [TV Guide]


A brief synopsis of the May 3 episode, "Chuck Vs. The Role Models":

Sarah and Chuck train under Laura and Craig Turner (Swoosie Kurtz and Fred Willard), a married CIA team with an impeccable record but stormy relationship; Casey trains Morgan.




Joel Gretsch talks up what to expect from upcoming episodes:

Anna's moving. She's got a reason why she's here, and all that is going to get revealed. Also backstories. Erica's relationship with Tyler is going to be revealed some more, as well as her relationship with her husband. A lot of emotional things will be happening, people will get hurt, my faith will be compromised even more than it already has, and it also gets more solidified. There is really a lot of stuff going on.


I am resisting to add "in the show's writers" in square brackets after "my faith." [The Flick Cast]

Robert Englund says he'd come back for a cameo or whatever, if they asked him. [ShockTillYouDrop]



Not only does Metallo rescue Lois on Friday, but she later returns the favor. And there'll be some tasty Tess-Chloe interplay. [Fancast]


And here are a couple of new clips from the episode:

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here's a new clip from Friday's "Zillo Beast Strikes Back":


Those rumors that we might see a glimpse of Jack's ex-wife Sarah, since actor Julie Bowen recently made a trip to Hawaii? Are false. Bowen says she wasn't able to make it back. And yes, the mother of Jack's "flash-sideways" kid is probably Juliet. [Fancast]


Even though the "flash-sideways" takes place in 2004, it may still be after the island timeline somehow. At least, Yunjin Kim assumes that the reason why Jin is no longer sterile in the L.A.-verse is because of the time he spent on the island. Confusing! [TV Guide]

We may be seeing Libby again, says Jorge Garcia. Wholesale deaths — of characters we care about — are coming in the next few episodes, one of which is a game-changer after which nothing will ever be the same again. [E! Online]


Henry Ian Cusick says he won't be in every episode coming up, but we'll see a fair bit of him — he'll be in a lot of people's "flash-sideways." And some other characters will suddenly start being important towards the end. [TV Overmind]

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